Safety Bulletin – Panic Button Use
Northwest is committed to the safety of our drivers, and therefore requires all
company or owner operator tractors to have a panic button installed in each unit.

The panic button can be used for breakdowns, accidents, personal attacks and
any other incidents requiring immediate emergency procedures.

In the event a driver becomes disabled, and is without cell service, the panic
button can be pushed, and the following sequence of events will occur:

● Panic button is activated – Signal is sent to Omnitracs.
● Omnitracs is notified of a panic button situation, and immediately activates
its call down procedure.
● Calls Northwest personnel continuously, from a call down list supplied, until
someone is reached.
● Omnitracs relays all pertinent information to management.
● Northwest management attempts to contact the driver, via satellite, to
determine the root cause of the call.

It is important to understand that when a panic button situation arises, it is
imperative that the driver remain in the truck, whenever possible, to receive and
send messages. If Northwest management is unable to reach a driver within a
relatively short period, emergency services such as Fire and Police will be called.

All attempts will be made to rectify the emergency by contacting service providers
for roadside repairs, tow companies to haul a disabled unit to a safe location, or
emergency services if the situation warrants.

If you have any questions or concerns,, please do not hesitate to contact your
operations supervisor or our safety department for more information.
Be safe!