Northwest’s Code of Conduct Policy provides the framework for maintaining the highest standards of professional conduct that have been in place for over 65 years at Northwest.  This Code of Conduct is a statement about Northwest’s values and ethical standards, and the fundamental relationship of trust between each employee and Northwest.  Compliance with the spirit and letter of this policy is vitally important to the success of Northwest.

For the purpose of this policy (and while not exhaustive), “persons noted” include full-time and part-time staff, contractors, and third-party temporary workers.


This policy applies to all full-time and part-time staff, contractors, and third-party temporary workers who are required to conduct themselves in all of their business dealings, and in every aspect of their employment at Northwest, in accordance with the standards set out in this policy.  

While giving assurance to meet the requirements of this policy, persons noted are expected to also use their own sense of good judgement in situations that may not be covered in this policy.


Compliance with the Law – Professional 

While conducting business on behalf of Northwest, persons noted must at all times act in full compliance with both the letter and the spirit of all applicable laws.

In all relationships with Northwest, persons noted shall not commit or condone any illegal or unethical acts, or instruct other staff, driver, contractor, or service provider to do so.

Persons noted are expected to be sufficiently familiar with all laws and regulations that apply to their work, and to recognize potential liabilities and know when and who to ask for clarification.

Persons noted are also expected to notify their Northwest supervisor and/or member of the Executive Committee if they observe workplace behaviour that is unethical or non-compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

Compliance with the Law – Personal

Persons noted are expected to comply with all provincial and federal laws and regulations, and not participate in any illegal and/or criminal activity.  Persons noted convicted of or who plead guilty to such activity may be subject to termination.

Persons noted convicted of or who plead guilty to illegal and/or criminal activity are required to report such information to their supervisor and/or member of the Executive Committee.

Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest arises when persons noted use their position of trust and/or authority to benefit, financially or otherwise, at the expense of Northwest.

Persons noted must not use their position with Northwest to pursue or advance their personal interests, the interests of a related person (e.g. spouse, partner, parent, or sibling), external business associate, corporation, union or partnership, or the interests of a person with whom the staff member owes an obligation.

Persons noted must not directly or indirectly benefit from a transaction a third party has with Northwest over which the persons noted can influence decisions made by Northwest (other than through standard compensation from Northwest).

All persons noted must avoid any situation in which there is, or may appear to be, potential conflict that could compromise their professional judgement in making decisions in Northwest’s best interest.

If the persons noted is unclear whether a situation involves a conflict of interest, the individual must immediately seek the advice of their supervisor and/or member of the Executive Committee prior to engaging in any transactions.

Confidential Information

Northwest recognizes its obligation to employees, contractors, and service providers to ensure the protection of confidentiality of all forms of data and information obtained during their business relationship.  Persons noted are also required to recognize this obligation and to treat confidential information (including proprietary technical, business, financial, legal, or any other information Northwest treats as confidential) with appropriate care and in compliance with all applicable laws.  

Persons noted may never disclose or use confidential information gained through employment or association at Northwest for personal gain, or otherwise.

If a person’s noted is unclear about what is considered confidential, the individual must seek the advice of their supervisor and/or member of the Executive Committee prior to sharing information.

Dealings with Customers, Suppliers, Prospects, and Competitors

All dealings with customers (including prospective customers), suppliers, and competitors must be conducted in accordance with provincial and federal laws and regulations, and on terms that are fair and in the best interest of Northwest.

Decisions relating to placement of Northwest’s business with current or prospective customers and suppliers must be based solely on business considerations.  Persons noted must not allow personal relationships with current or prospective customers and/or suppliers influence business decisions.

If the persons noted is unclear about decisions relating to these dealings, the individual must seek the advice of their supervisor and/or member of the Executive Committee prior to any dealings.

Treating People Fairly and with Respect

Northwest’s management and employees are required to deal with fellow staff, drivers, current and prospective customers, suppliers, and visitors with fairness and respectful treatment in order to maintain an environment free of harassment, discrimination, or intimidation.

Those who violate laws and Northwest’s policy are subject to consequences that may include disciplinary action.  Any employee who believes that the individual has been the subject of harassment, discrimination or intimidation, or who believes another employee has been subject to the violation(s) is encouraged to consult with their supervisor and/or member of the Executive Committee.

Use of Company Property

Persons noted must take proper use and care when using the facilities, furnishings, and equipment to avoid abusive, careless, and inappropriate behaviour in order to maintain value and ensure operating efficiency.

Persons noted may not dispose of Northwest’s property unless authorized to do so by the Vice-President of Administration and Finance, or designate.

Use of Company Technology

Technology refers to devices including but not limited to smartphones, mobile/cellular phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and any other device capable of accessing and/or storing corporate data, whether the device is the property of Northwest or owned by the persons noted.

Persons noted must comply within the rules and regulations that company technology is used to conduct Northwest business responsibly and ethically, without engaging in actions that put Northwest’s data or users at risk. Failure with compliance may result in disciplinary action. 



The terms of reference of this policy shall be periodically reviewed and amended by Northwest as may be required.


I, _________________, have read and understand Northwest’s Code of Conduct Policy, and agree to conduct myself in accordance with this policy at all times while employed with Northwest.

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