This section is intended to be used for the selection of contractors and to make them aware of Northwest’s safety expectations. This information should be provided for all new and prospective contractors. Contractors should be selected based upon their past related experience, the training and

competency of their employees, and the resources they are able to bring to the worksite. Each new contract company hired to provide a service must have the required safety initiatives in place and their loss record must be acceptable. The management team should consider the safety requirements as a priority, equal to the cost of the quote submitted by the contractor.



  • Ensure the “Contractor Assessment” form is filled out, along with any required attachments, prior to work commencing.
  • Obtain Workers Compensation clearance letter.
  • Communicate all policies, procedures and hazards. 
  • Ensure contractors are aware of incident reporting and investigation procedure requirements.
  • Ensure all incidents that include the contractor are reported and investigated.
  • Review premium rate statement.
  • Review copies of training requirements.
  • Ensure a site orientation is completed.
  • Communicate Northwest’s and the hiring client’s drug and alcohol policies.
  • Conduct job observations.
  • Audit the requirements occasionally for compliance 


  • Comply with all applicable provincial and federal legislation governing the work being performed for Northwest.
  • Know, understand and comply with all of Northwest’s policies and procedures.
  • Supply proof of coverage from the applicable provincial Workers’ Compensation Board, Clearance Letter.
  • Complete “Contractor Assessment” form,  along with any required attachments, prior to work commencing.
  • Adhere to Northwest’s drug and alcohol policies.
  • Report all incidents immediately to Northwest and assist with the investigation.
  • Receive an orientation that includes; site specific hazards, safe work procedures and responsibilities, the general health and safety rules, and emergency response plan.
  • In the event the contractor does not have a health and safety manual, they must follow northwest’s policies and procedures.
  • The contractor shall take all necessary precautions to keep the worksite free from recognized hazards that are likely to cause injury, death, illness or damage to property or equipment.

In the event that changes to applicable procedures, hazards or safety initiatives occur, they will be communicated to the contractor by email or phone.