Northwest Tank Lines Inc. has implemented this policy to delineate what and when downtime/work time due to trailer maintenance – if it results in lost wages – will be paid to an Owner Operator or Owner Operator driver. 


Northwest Tank Lines Inc. will pay for Approved downtime resulting from a mechanical failure on the trailers due to regular wear and tear. Any damage or repair work time required due to the driver’s negligence will not be paid. 


Northwest Tank Lines Inc. drivers will call and speak to the Maintenance Department regarding the scope of repair. Small repairs or tire work, the driver will be directed to the nearest service provider or given contact information for a service technician. 

For large repairs, the driver may be told to drop trailers to return at a later date. Depending on the drivers hours and work schedule, a spare set of trailers may be offered to use while their trailer unit(s) are being repaired. If the driver has limited hours left on their schedule, they may be asked to reset early and wait for the trailers to be completed. 

A driver’s downtime will only be approved by the Director of Fleet Services before the time has begun and later confirmed when a driver has submitted time on a DDR with all relevant information such as date, start/end time, unit numbers, and description of event. Failure to have this information on a DDR could result in denial of the time submission. The driver must submit a DDR within 3 business days of the event. 

If a driver’s best option is to stay with a unit rather than return home he will be paid for all Approved available ON DUTY time. A driver will not be paid to reset if he is able to work his full shift after the reset. If a driver is unable to work their regular shift, they will be paid for the on duty time they missed, up to a maximum of 14 hours a day.