Recently, Northwest was involved in a sulphur spill that was deemed preventable. As you can see
from the picture above, the spill was substantial.

While we were very lucky that nobody was injured and we were able to clean the product up without further incident, this is a great reminder of why we have protocols in place.

The driver was chipping a sulphur plug to remove a blockage so he could offload the product.
However, the valve inside had failed, and once the plug was removed, sulphur started pouring out and onto the ground.

We wanted to use this incident as a reminder that we do not chip away at, or remove hardened
sulphur from trailer valves. In the event you’re trying to offload product and notice the product
has hardened, your first step is to contact your Operations Supervisor for further instructions.

Please stay safe and let’s work together towards 0 Incidents!