On May 17, 2021, a Northwest driver failed to disconnect the hoses from an NGL unit and moved
the truck and trailers forward. This incident has been deemed preventable and has reset the Days
Since incident counter for Southern Alberta.

The driver initially performed a circle check but failed to disconnect the hoses before moving
forward. When he moved the units, he put excessive strain on the hose and bent the piping at the

The main contributing factors to the incident were:
● Failure to disconnect before moving units
● Failure to follow safe work practices

Our driver made an unsafe decision and he missed a step in the process, creating a dangerous
and costly situation.

Remember, when loading or unloading it is important to:
● Never move a vehicle without first disconnecting it from the hoses and grounding cables.
● Always practice safe lifting techniques when moving hoses. Remember to lift with your legs and lead with your hips.
● Do not rush, make sure the connections are secure and safe.
● Inspect and look over all your equipment before using it and continue to inspect it as you use it.
● Remember to fully close all valves and put items back when you’re done.


safety starts with you