Over the last two weeks, Northwest
has received a few complaints
from both operators and other
drivers that they have witnessed
drivers napping or lounging in their
tractors while either loading or


As you all know, it is not only a customer requirement but a Northwest Policy,
that you are monitoring the loading and unloading procedure by being awake,
present and prepared at all times.

In the event of an emergency, you could be required to take precautions and immediate actions. If you’re
unprepared or sleeping, you could likely put yourself or others at risk.

Our customers have also reported that in a few instances, they’ve tried a few different ways to wake our
drivers or get their attention, to no avail. It’s imperative that operators can communicate with you for a
variety of reasons.

Please remember that any driver found napping or lounging in their vehicle when they are loading or
unloading not only jeopardizes our relationship with our customers but is also means for disciplinary
action. Please take all the necessary steps to keep yourself and others safe.