Last year at this time we saw quite a few wheels-off incidents resulting in damage to the
trailers, missing tires and in some cases, damage to third parties.

Recently there was an incident involving a wheel coming off in Calgary on the main
highway through the city. The wheel had come off the trailer, crossed the median and
struck the driver of a car who was coming in the opposite direction. She is in criticalsmashed car condition.

Main root causes of wheel-off incidents could be from axle problems, hub separations
and fastening failures. It is very important to inspect these items on your
Pre-Trip/Post-Trip Inspections as well as anytime through the day when possible.

It could mean life or death.

Please be sure you have the green wheel nut indicators on your trailers and advise
Maintenance if you do not.

You should also go get a retorque done if you are picking up a unit you have not hauled

Please remember that Pre-Trip Inspections must be done at the start of every work day.