Date: September 26, 2019

Location: via Conference Call

Attendance:  Aaron Moore, Mike Evans, Murray Neil, Christy Robinson
Subject Action Owner When Status
Minutes of the last meeting:
Old Business: 2019 Training of Committee Members:

1.         Joint Health and Safety Committees.

2.         Hazard Identification, Assessment and


3.         Workplace Inspections.

4.         Accident Investigation.


2020 Training – Members can choose courses they have a personal preference for from CCOHS website, or list created by NWTL.

Committee members to send completion certificate of first course  









Oct 4/19





On going

Dash Cams installations

–       How many installations remaining

24 Dash Cams remain to be installed and continues to be an ongoing process   Christy Oct 17/19 On going
New Agenda:

Introduce AB/BC COR Audit

–       AB COR October 2019

–       BC COR November 2019

Go over first five components of COR  





Sep 26/19




Next training course for JHSC members


Send out next course sometime in the first week of October Tim Oct 4/19 On going
Winter Driving

–       Preparing for road and weather conditions

Safety bulletin on winter driving has been added to the driver portal HSE Sep 19/19 Done
Review of Inspections:

Improving on conducting monthly equipment, office & storage yard inspections.

Continue with monthly office and yard inspections







On going

Accident/Incident Investigations:

Recent Incident trends:

–       Drivers getting stuck due to recent weather conditions (twice in one week at the same plant)

Have members involved in accident investigations once training has been completed  


Upon completion of 1st course  

On going

New Business Member Roundtable:


Mike & Murray – Be involved in inspections in their area of work
Recommendations to Employer: No recommendations to report
Next Meeting: TBD